“Genders range from male to female to the delicious any-man’s-or-woman’s land in between. And it’s all delivered with a luxurious flair for costume, a devout sense of character, and a classically trained operatic voice”.★★★★★ Brandan Taylor, Fourth Wall Media 17 February 2018

Brandan Taylor

“…the pair blow all your cares away with their WTF celebration of being non-conformist” ★★★★ Lezly Herbert, Out in Perth 15 February 2018

Lezly Herbert

“amazing, strong voice” Shelley Mac, Weekend Notes, February 2018

Shelley Mac

“Entertaining the audience while undergoing another transformation on stage, Robert emerges as church guitarist Susan Higgins. Her lack of self-awareness is brilliant as she displays her distinct lack of musical talent.” ★★★★ Lezly Herbert, Out in Perth 15 February 2018

Lezly Herbert

“The huge tent was crammed full when Robert Hofmann come out on stage with a couple of maracas to perform his South American inspired theme song. The North Perth cabaret performer has gathered obviously many fans since he first introduced his assortment of characters to the cabaret scene four years ago.” ★★★★ Lezly Herbert, Out in Perth 15 February 2018

Lezly Herbert

Click here to read Leigh Andrew Hill's review of What the Fandango! on Out in Perth

Out in Perth with Leigh Andrew Hill

“Robert Hofmann sang Hobson as if to the manner born”

Neville Cohn, The West Australian. Thursday, February 11, 2010

(for Jim Hobson in Peter Grimes (West Australian Opera season February 2010)

Neville Cohn

“The outstanding all-round performance came from Robert Hofmann as Ko-Ko. While deploying the usual effete characterization, he nonetheless showed a fine comic touch, allied with a resonant voice. The Tit-willow song was delivered sensitively and was really quite moving!” 

Sandra Bowdler,  Opera Britannia, March 11, 2010

(for Ko-Ko in The Mikado :West Australian Opera’s Opera in the Park Production on 6 March 2010) 


Sandra Bowdler

“The parody of Victorian Britain set in Japan was brought a little closer to home in I’ve Got a Little List, delivered with wonderful comic pacing by Robert Hofmann as Ko-Ko. ….the references to infamous golfing superstars, concert hall patrons who don’t turn off their mobile phones and people who voted against daylight savings were relished by the Perth audience” 

Rosalind Appleby, The West Australian. Monday, March 8, 2010

(for Ko-Ko in The Mikado :West Australian Opera’s Opera in the Park Production on 6 March 2010) 

Rosalind Appleby

“In a humour filled hour, the versatile actor/musician perfectly combines characters, accents and songs from Sinatra, Gershwin, Richard Rodgers and gets the audience involved.”

Weekend Notes, 29 September 2014. 

Weekend Notes

“Its crossover between the genres of music and comedy results in an hilarious and rewarding night’s entertainment.”

 “Innuendo and skillfully crafted lyrics fly about as quickly as the necessary costume changes.”

“DESPERATELY YOUNG AT HEART has much to offer the musically trained and lay person alike. I found myself smiling and laughing from start to finish, often feeling truly blessed to be there.”

Paul Nolan, Sydney Arts Guide September 27 2014

Paul Nolan

“Singing for Broadway, cabaret and opera, and for ranges from bass through soprano, Hofmann has a huge talent, and relishes the opportunity to flaunt it.” 

“Desperately Young At Heart is a testament to the incredible performers our culture misguidedly tends to overlook, and the capacity for hope and reckless self-belief common to any artist – all cleverly disguised as a raucous and raunchy comedy.”

Christopher Fieldus, Hana Theatre Journal, 2 October 2014

Christopher Fieldus

“hilarious, poignant cabaret”

“Hofmann’s classically trained baritone and falsetto voice is a continual wonder” 

****4 stars, William Yeoman, The West Australian 26 January 2017

William Yeoman

“superbly witty,” 

“The songs showcase the performer’s mastery of innuendo”

****1/2 (4.5 stars) Conor Duggan, Out in Perth 26 January 2017 

Conor Duggan

“Fantastic stage presence, clever character comedy and bawdy versions of songs all combine to make a wonderful and a highly worthwhile hour of camp cabaret." 

**** (4 stars) Zander Bruce, Scotsgay Magazine  24 August 2015

Zander Bruce

“With audience members aged 8 to 80 this works, like Shrek, on several levels”

**** (4 stars) Clare Crines, Mumble Theatre, 16 August 2015

Clare Crines

“…high-energy acting and singing - warm, funny and never cruel…”

**** (4 stars) William Yeoman, The West Australian 18 February 2015

(for follow-up show, It Ain’t Vot You Do it’s Ze Vay Zat You Do It!)

William Yeoman

“Outrageously original and hilarious, Desperately Young At Heart is a performance spectacle that will leave you giddy with happiness long after you have seen it.” 

“Hofmann is definitely a force to be reckoned with – his vocals were so on point it was practically perfection, making the entire show enjoyable from beginning to end. ”

Aleczander Gamboa, Buzzcuts 7 October 2014

Aleczander Gamboa